Friday Finds

One of the things I simultaneously love and loathe about blogs is the exciting products they introduce you too!  This is kind of ironic coming after yesterday’s post about minimizing stuff, but I hope the products I post will inspire you to either use less or to think more critically about the things you do buy.  That being said, I can’t guarantee that I’m not going to post something just because its PRETTY.  I am a designer after all.

Today I will introduce you to my newest friend:

the Practecol Power Strip with Foot Switch! Brilliant.

I’ve been looking at power strips that regulate the phantom load that our electronics pull regardless of whether they are turned on or not. When I saw this one at on of my (very frequent) trips to Target, I had to try it out.

I’ve only been using it for a few days, and certainly not long enough to tell you if it actually saves any energy.  I sit down at my desk, step on the foot peddle to turn the power on, and do my work.  When I’m done, I just step on the peddle before I get up and cut off the electricity to everything on my desk.  I have a laptop, so it’s easy for me to do this, but I think it would be very convenient for anyone wanting to regulate phantom load.

I haven’t looked into Practecol’s business practices too much, although I do hope to offer complete perspectives on products in the future.  I was impressed with their packaging, however, which provided quite a bit of information about the product and the company.  Their website doesn’t provide a whole lot of company information, but it is easy to navigate and presents many energy-saving devices that I could see being very handy to regulate and monitor the amount of energy use in your home!

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