SO, I kind of forgot I was supposed to write something today (I know, a whole 8 days into this adventure and I’ve already tried to mess it up).  Instead, I began a link list of the blogs that I read on a daily basis.  They are overwhelmingly written by women – smart, funny women who say incredibly intelligent things about the same topics I worry about every day.  They make me feel normal (something that doesn’t happen all that often) and like I’m not the only one struggling with issues it seems like no one else talks about.

And they are funny.  Very funny.  Funny in the belly laugh way, funny in the poignant way, funny in the ironic way.  And it always seems to be what I need for that day.  So go, read others, who write way better than I do and have much better stories.  And feel better about your self while you’re at it.


(ED: Jo could not have picked a better time to post this. This is what I’m talking about.)

Updates 🙂


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