Friday Finds: Friends and Farmer’s Markets


Actually, I’m out of the office today anyway, so that made Wednesday like my Friday and this Friday is like a Saturday in a long series of Saturdays.

Getting to the point…


Uhhh, OK, now that we got that out of the way.  Last weekend, in between the free concerts, I spent my mornings at two farmer’s markets around town.  With Erin.  It was great.  Bright mornings, hot coffee, sundresses and fresh veggies.  Oh, and amazing pesto care of the Cub Scouts.

On Saturday morning, Erin and I visited the little Mt. Lookout farmer’s market, and bought SO MANY VEGGIES we were pretty sure we wouldn’t need to go shopping for a month.  Until we ate them all that afternoon. Mmmmmm.

Farmer's Market GoodiesWe spent Saturday afternoon in Erin’s apartment working on her wedding stuff.  Or mostly watching movies.  We sat on the couch working on our laptops – exactly how we spent a large amount of our college years together!

Our Apples

Then Sunday we decided to go to the the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market – which, it turns out, is more like a farmer’s market PARTY! With bread & milk & veggies & flowers & coffee & soaps & live music…wonderful!

Farmer's MarketWe followed our morning out with an afternoon spent working from a coffee shop (kind of like I’m doing today!).  It’s amazing how much more work I get done when I’m working in a place that makes me happy.  I would totally like to work from out of the office a couple days a week.  I would be way more productive.

So now I have even more veggies (which Nate is ecstatic about, by the way) and I’m pushing pretty hard to get the 3-tier hanging basket I bought ages ago finally put up. Yay!

This weekend I’m not going to make it to either farmer’s market. So I’m going to have to hunt down another one during the week.  There are a lot around, so I should be able to find one!  I love summer and its fresh veggies!

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One thought on “Friday Finds: Friends and Farmer’s Markets

  1. Erin says:

    I love this post 🙂 We need to have more weekends like this. In fact I’m about to head out to buy MORE VEGGIES!! And that salsa I’ve been lusting after since you bought it a week ago…

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