Friday Finds: Moleskine Notebooks


On Wednesday I told you about how I’m terrified of sketching.  I’m sad to report I did not, in fact, sketch yesterday like I said I would.  I also didn’t doodle, although I believe that is what I will probably do in the future.  However, today I will take a moment to introduce you to the four, yes four, Moleskine notebooks that I carry around with me on a daily basis.  No wonder I need such a big purse!

These notebooks (as they tell you right on the little pamphlet they put in the back pocket for you!) are the “legendary notebook(s) used by European artists and thinkers for the past two centuries.”  They run the analog portion of my life (Google runs the digital portion) and I love having them handy to capture whatever I need them to.

The black one on the bottom is my planner, which I had to search high and low to find in just the format I wanted (horizontal weekly planner, large hardcover).  It holds everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries, plus what I need to do by tomorrow…which makes it pretty important.  I could see not needing it if I had, say, an iPhone, but since I don’t, I rely heavily on this planner.  Plus, the elastic that holds all Moleskine notebooks closed makes my life a lot easier.

The red one is my blog book.  I tend to write posts when I get a second, and I very rarely get a second when I also have internet access.  Having a place to physically write things down as I think of them and as I need to process them has been really helpful too.  I never liked the idea of a journal, so I figure if I call it my blog book, I might trick myself into thinking it’s something else and actually write in it.  It’s been working.

The next one is my big sketchbook.  This is the sketchbook that carried me through my thesis, although it only has one drawing that can even kind of be called a sketch.  I mostly write in my sketchbook.  It has since transitioned to my life-after-school sketchbook, and now holds ideas, plans, and schemes for work and other organizations that I belong to.

The little black sketchbook on top is the one I referenced on Wednesday.  I bought it two or three years ago to sketch in.  Not for school or for work, but just to take down observations and thoughts in drawing form.  So far it only has one slash on the first page, but I’m working up the confidence to put more in it.  Maybe this weekend.  However, you will never see any of it.  Because, although I may blab my life all over the internet by way of a public blog, you’ve seen all the doodles from me you’re going to.

Love.  Enjoy your weekend.  I’ll try to restrain myself from posting and focus on those tests I’m supposed to be taking.


One thought on “Friday Finds: Moleskine Notebooks

  1. Jo says:

    I love this plan!

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