Friday Finds: The things money can’t buy you

Some weeks I don’t buy anything.

BAHAHAHAHAHA.  When that actually happens, I will definitely post about it.  In fact, I will make it a goal to not buy anything (taxable) for a whole week.

Really what happened is that I got SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF this week that I can’t decide what to write about!  I’ve been so excited with the packages that have been arriving that I got all overwhelmed and so I’m blogging about a roll of toilet paper.


A roll of toilet paper.


THIS is not your typical roll of toilet paper.  This is the emergency roll of single ply tissue (gifted to us by my Grandma, I’m sure – she makes the best care packages, I’m not kidding) that Erin and I kept in our bathroom through college.  When we were moving out and we had managed to never run out of toilet paper, we signed it!  And I took it with me and promised to never run out of toilet paper in my own home.  Uhhh, we’ll see about that, but I certainly won’t be using this roll as back-up!



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One thought on “Friday Finds: The things money can’t buy you

  1. Erin says:

    I have this feeling that in 10 years or so we’ll be sitting at your house drinking coffee (or, more likely, wine) and someone is going to come out of the bathroom and be like, “hey, you’re out of toilet paper, can I use this?” and hold up that roll. And we’ll both be like “absolutely not” and run out to the store for more. Because no one is allowed to open that roll 🙂

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