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Happy Halloween!

I’m not huge on halloween, but it is fun to watch the dressed up kiddos around the neighborhood!

To cap off this extra-happies Monday, I encourage those of you who enjoy political comedy (no one is safe…) to check out the podcast of the Halloween Radio Broadcast from the Capitol Steps.  Happy Halloween!

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This Monday requires multiple happies.

Oh what a weekend it was. A bridal shower, a funeral, a 5k, 4 kids under 4, way too many Moms in the house, and tempers a little bit touchy.

Therefore, I am providing myself with many ways to get through the day (including the 5 gallon jug of coffee I plan to take to the office).

First, DYAC celebrated it’s 1st anniversary this weekend!  Which it celebrated by posting it’s top 50 autocorrects in a 2 part series.  Numbers 50-26 were funny enough, but 25-1 had me laughing my signature DYAC laugh, where Nate gets up from whatever he’s doing to make sure I’m breathing.  It’s not a normal laugh.

Also, Siri gave out the best advice ever.

I want a Siri, if only so she can tell me that.

OK, also because its really cool.

Finally, on our drive home, we passed this fancy little car:

If you can’t tell, its a Smart car with a wind-up hooked on the back – how cute is that!

That’s all for now – unless I find something else while I’m “hard at work.”

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Long Hair

Nate likes to take pictures of me putting on my makeup. I don't know why

So I cut off all my hair.

I’ve been talking about it for, oh, 2 or 3 years now.  Then one day, I decided I was really going to do it this time.

Long Hair

It used to provide a convenient sweater for sleeveless dresses

Then I waited about 2 months.


But, alas, it is 12 inches shorter now.

Short Hair

The front - when it's done nicely, of course


Short Hair

The back - and wedding pictures in the's HARD to take a picture of the back of your head!

except for the pieces that keep falling down from my pony tail, but that’s only because I spend all my time messing with them, pulling more down, putting it all back up, etc.

Short Hair

the mini-pony! and the headband, which I could not pull off with long hair


Coffee #9

Coffee: creative lighter fluid. 

~Floyd Maxwell

by way of: Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Co.

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Friday Finds: My Mom knows me too well


This was my birthday gift from my family. It encompasses some of my favorite things: shoes, shopping and coffee! Lovely!

Funny part was, I was just pointing this mug out to Nate this past weekend as we were having lunch at the College Hill Coffee Company after church on Sunday. Good thing I controlled my purchasing impulses and didn’t buy it!

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My new favorite time wasting strategy

Oh thank you Apple for all the wonders you create. They always find a way to get you to think the NEWEST iPhone is way better than the last one!

via: swissmiss.

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For your regularly scheduled Monday fun

As if Apple didn’t provide enough amusement with the joys of autocorrect, we now have Siri to thank for many ridiculous suggestions and remarks! Woot! I cannot wait!

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You ladies are wonderful! When I posted last week, I felt a bit silly. Here I was with everything I could need or want, COMPLAINING about all the opportunities I had! But you were all so supportive! And every reaction I got about that post basically started out “ohmygosh, ME TOO!” Which helps oh so much. So we shall be each others’ life preservers and we will all make it through – even if we’re only treading water right now – and life will be better & we will be stronger & MAN will we have some rockin’ legs to show for it.
So thank you. For reading, for commenting, for chatting.

Over the past few days and even during my yet-another-crazy-busy-but-fun weekend, I did a lot of thinking about how to make my current life more manageable. I made lists (I love lists), set some manageable goals, thought about rewards and balance, and made some tough cuts. But I feel way better about everything now, so I consider it so far successful!
I will keep you updated, and tell you a bit later (when I have a moment…) about what I’ve decided and figured out, the lists I’ve made and what I’ve had to cut to make everything fit.
Thanks again for being awesome and uplifting. This is what the blog community is all about!

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Wilted Rose

I’m sinking. Wilting. Fading fast.  Whatever you want to call it.  I’m overwhelmed and I’m not even sure by what.  I have too much to do but no motivation to even start.  So I don’t do anything.  Or I do the things I want to do, but only the ones that I don’t think will take up too much time.

It’s a lot like when I had a project due at school.  I would pick up my clothes because it only took a few minutes, so I could put off working without feeling too bad about it.  Until I had so much to do that even the easy things would slide.  I know it’s getting bad when I stop making my bed.  Like this morning.  Even a venti latte from Starbucks could not pull me out of my funk.

It’s crazy – I’m doing all these fun things that I enjoy, and I should be having a great time.  I see friends, I join groups, I go for walks and on adventures.  But when I wake up in the morning, I feel like a zombie.  All the fun on the weekends means that I have to fit in chores after work, and my lovely commute pushes that back about 40 minutes.  So if it’s cloudy, I don’t have sunlight left to run when I get home even if I DO find the motivation to do that.

I’m having trouble balancing the things I need to do with the things I want to do.

Want: write blog posts; Need: do laundry

Want: learn new things by listening to radio programs and podcasts, reading blogs and books; Need: Sleep

Want: go running; Need: eat

Want: make healthy meals; Need: drive home from work

Want: read a book (did you know that I can’t remember the last time I read a book!  From the kid who habitually ran into kids in the hallway because I had my nose in a book, that’s pretty awful); Need: wash the dishes

Want: travel; Need: go to work.

I need a better way to make time for the things that I want without always feeling like I’m drowning in the things I need to do.  And perhaps I need to re-prioritize the things in my life that I want and need to do – to minimize in my whole life, not just my possessions (which I haven’t been doing, by the way).  Uggh.

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