Blogroll Part 2

My Blogroll has two parts – my personal opposites.  The first half of my blogroll is smart and inspiring women – the women who remind me why I’m glad to be part of their sisterhood and who encourage me when I’m down.  The second half of my blogroll could probably be titled the nerdroll.  These are also the blogs that Nate will read or listen to when I have something interesting to share.  I go to these blogs to learn interesting things, to find out what other minds think about the state of the world – news, science, design, poverty, medicine, politics.

TED Talks and TED blog: TED (Technology|Entertainment|Design) is a collection of talks by incredibly interesting people.  I pull from TED talks all the time and I have learned a lot across a wide variety of topics.  Nate even likes this one!

DesignVerb! is quite possibly the very first blog I started following.  It is a design blog that highlights mostly random and interesting semi-design-related things.

Brain Pickings is an eclectic sample of culture curated by Maria Popova, StudioMate of Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swiss Miss).  Always teaching me something new, Brain Pickings likes books, posters, old documentary footage, and typography.  At least that’s what I’ve gathered so far.

Flowing Data: Probably the newest addition to my blogroll, Flowing Data presents the many ways data can be presented interestingly and usefully, so that mundane numbers spring to life and begin to show trends and anomalies.  Oh, and the images are gorgeous.  To a nerd like me, of course.


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