Friday Finds: TurningArt

Let’s Get Some Shoes, Louboutin by Theresa Bramblett

What my home needs is some TurningArt.  This company, which is like Netflix (in it’s old form, and I did not coin that term, by the way) for art, is great for those of us who like art but can not a) decide which we like best and b) afford a lot of real art made by artists making a living wage.  So, tada!  TurningArt.

It’s a subscription service that provides you a continuous stream of new prints!  First you choose a frame size (they have two) and they send you a frame that the prints will rotate through.  Then you browse their collection of artwork.  They have something for everyone, and you can browse many ways, such as style, color, medium, and price.  When you have developed a queue of fabulous art works, TurningArt will start sending you a print of one at a time to put in your frame.  When the next one comes, just put the old one in the package the new one came in and send it back!

Every dollar you spend on your subscription turns into credits toward buying the actual art work.  So if you fall in love with a piece, you have the option to purchase it in its original form.  Unfortunately the artists don’t get paid until their work actually sells.  I don’t know how I feel about that; I think that if their work is gracing our walls for a fee, they should get some of it.  But I’m not sure if TurningArt is even making a profit yet, so maybe that will come later.

Anyway, even if you’re not interested in a subscription to TurningArt, you should go browse their collection – it’s entertaining if nothing else!


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