You ladies are wonderful! When I posted last week, I felt a bit silly. Here I was with everything I could need or want, COMPLAINING about all the opportunities I had! But you were all so supportive! And every reaction I got about that post basically started out “ohmygosh, ME TOO!” Which helps oh so much. So we shall be each others’ life preservers and we will all make it through – even if we’re only treading water right now – and life will be better & we will be stronger & MAN will we have some rockin’ legs to show for it.
So thank you. For reading, for commenting, for chatting.

Over the past few days and even during my yet-another-crazy-busy-but-fun weekend, I did a lot of thinking about how to make my current life more manageable. I made lists (I love lists), set some manageable goals, thought about rewards and balance, and made some tough cuts. But I feel way better about everything now, so I consider it so far successful!
I will keep you updated, and tell you a bit later (when I have a moment…) about what I’ve decided and figured out, the lists I’ve made and what I’ve had to cut to make everything fit.
Thanks again for being awesome and uplifting. This is what the blog community is all about!

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