New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions.  It seems silly to me to promise to do a whole bunch of stuff at once, right after you’ve spent the past month running around to holiday events and all you really want to do is nap on the couch, preferably with a cappuccino, a romance novel, and a really fluffy blanket.  Besides, January mornings are not conducive to dragging oneself out of bed, into the freezing morning to the gym.

So this post isn’t really about New Year’s resolutions, per se, but more about goals and hopes for a new year.  It is a very convenient starting point, after all.

After my mini-freak-out a few months ago, I started a list of things I would like change/do that would make me feel more fulfilled and less like I was staring up at a giant cliff, and everyone else was having a party at the top.  It turned out to be a really long list, and was overwhelming by itself.  But I thought it couldn’t hurt to try to chip away at some of those goals.  Then I bought a house.  Yeah, because somehow that was going to make my life less stressful?  Not sure about the logic there, but here I am, a month and a half later, starting a new year in a new house, with new challenges and new opportunities to make changes and improvements in my life.

My plan is to phase in a new change every month or so.  My goals range from “floss teeth every day” to “be on time to work” to “sketch,” so I have a variety of activities and difficulties ahead of me.  Some will be easier than others, some will (is it bad or realistic if I acknowledge this already?) never fully happen.  But I think there is value in trying, in laying out a plan and setting goals and time frames, and telling other people to be held accountable.  I am going to start by putting aside time each day to study for my Architecture exams.  I have one coming up in late January, and I will not pass if I don’t put the time in to study.  It’s not a very fun goal, to do or to write about, but I will be SO happy when I pass a test, I’m sure it will be worth it!

New Year’s Resolutions can be scary!  They are so authoritative, and, even though it’s pretty much a given that very few resolutions are kept, it always feels like such a failure to flounder after only a week or two.  I’m hoping that the incremental approach will be more affective, and that maybe I will actually be able to take little steps toward a slightly saner life!

Have a very Happy New Year, with hope for bright futures and enthusiasm to make them happen!  Stay safe, and I’ll see you in 2012!

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

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  2. I love this post. So much!

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