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Coffee #14

I thought I’d mix it up a little this fine Tuesday morning!  My favorite Swiss Miss (who I re-blog soooo much) has a lovely temporary tattoo shop called Tattly.  It’s grown-up design-y fun, and, although I haven’t yet purchased a single one, I want pretty much every one I see!

About a week ago, Tattly came out with COFFEE tattly(ies?).  And I’m super excited about them!

Tattly™ Designy Temporary Tattoos — Coffee.



Good Morning Snow

Good Morning Snow!

It finally snowed!  I’ve been waiting all winter, and was beginning to lose hope. I love the snow, the winter, the cold, the icicles hanging off our back porch.  It reminds me of when I was little, and it snowed all winter long.  We would play outside, dig snowforts in the piles that were left from when Dad shoveled the driveway, and watch the snowplows race up and down our street.

I didn’t dare say anything when everyone else was giddy with the sunshine and warm temperatures, but waking up in the morning to a world blanketed in sparkling white certainly made my day.

The snow stuck around for a few days, but it’s gone now.  The sunshine melted it away.  Now we’re going back to the typical Cincinnati winter – snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain – hovering right around freezing so the water never knows what it’s expected to do.  But I do hope for a few more snows before the winter is through.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My NPR Valentine to You!

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that I celebrate in the kid-sphere.  I didn’t send any out this year, but I usually send Valentines to my friends and family.  I’d been working my way through a 32-pack of Strawberry Shortcake valentines, which took me several years.

Nate and I have never been big on celebrations and holidays of any kind.  It is our half-anniversary, though, which is fun to remember.  Nate is convinced that I planned it that way, but I didn’t notice until right before our wedding.  It’s just a happy coincidence!

PS: There are plenty more awesome NPR Valentines where that came from!

Monday comes so quickly

I didn’t get a single thing off my ever-growing to-do list accomplished this weekend.  I had high hopes of making curtains for our house, writing blog posts (ahem), and unpacking a box or two.  Instead I spent most of Saturday actively procrastinating, then hurried around on Sunday to get laundry and shopping done before (or perhaps during) the Super Bowl.  

But that didn’t stop this from being a highly productive Monday!  After some hard work last week, I got my tardiness down from 9 minutes last Monday to 2 minutes on Friday.  And this morning, not only was I only 3 minutes late for work, I also managed to pack my lunch (which I had made Sunday night, but hadn’t packed up yet) and throw (literally) dinner in the crock pot.  Success!  Then, when I got home, I went for a run!  What?  Who does that?  

Now, the running part will probably not become part of my daily routine for a while (it’s not on the resolution docket until April).  But I’m glad that with a little extra effort, I am chipping away at my tardiness.  

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Hello, Friday!

It’s been quite an eventful week – the first full blog week since…I don’t remember.  It’s been a long time, but I enjoyed it, so maybe more next week?

Meanwhile, one of the many things I have been catching up on is TED talks!  So much interesting stuff, so little time!  Good thing Sebastian Wernicke solved the problem of being behind!

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A Resolution Run

Remember that run I didn’t intend to run?  Yeah.  Turns out my ability to not fulfill my expectations extends to doing things I didn’t think I was going to, in a positive way.

A few days before New Year’s, my Mom emailed me “Is there anyone from your house running on NYE?”

There are only two people in my house, and I’m pretty well known for not running, but my mother, ever the optimist, asked anyway.

And I surprised her by saying we’d both run.

Nate & Saretta

We both ran!

So, while many people were dressing up to go to a New Year’s Eve party, I joined my family in dressing for a 5K.

A Family Affair

A Family Affair

It was the biggest race I’ve run since high school, and it was my first chipped race (which I was SUPER excited about).  The weather was pleasant (OK, cold, but it was January, so not-frigid equals pleasant) and there were people lining the race path cheering and blowing party horns and wishing us a Happy New Year.


My first chipped race!

I wouldn’t say it was my fastest race ever, but I hit my goal at a solid 10-min mile (including that .1 mile at the end) and finished the race without walking.

The Watch

The Purple Watch, Race #2

My Dad and sisters finished the race approximately as I was crossing the 2-mile mark, and they circled back to cheer at the end.

The Boys

The Boys

And my Mom, ever the enthusiastic cheer-er, yelled and shouted and whooped and cheered as I came down the last stretch.  Just like she always does.

Happy Mom

Happy Mom

After the race, my sisters came over to Nate and my house to ring in the New Year.  It was 11:45 before everyone was showered and changed, made-up with hair and nails done, to have our own little party.


Pre-race surprises! My Dad and sisters got a surprise before the race: plaques from previous races that they earned but never picked up!

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Resolutions: February

I took a test last week.  The second architecture test I probably failed.  Of course, they don’t tell you right away.  You have to wait six weeks or so to find out, then six months to take it again.  I even studied!  And, OH, it was not easy.  Trying to find trigonometry in my brain that hasn’t done math since High School.  It was painful.  I’m lucky because Nate is good at math, so he helped me re-learn when I was stumped.  But I’m not very hopeful about the final outcome of the test.  I felt completely lost taking it.

Onward!  To February.  The January goal has been completed, however shabbily, and away we go.  On this first day of February, I would like to officially state my February goal:

To be on-time to work.

I’d be proud of making it to work on time ONCE this month.  But I will set my sights higher and perhaps by the time March gets here, I will have cemented a positive habit.

I don’t know when I got 5-10 minutes behind in my life, but it must have been very early on and I have not been able to catch up since.  This was constantly a problem as a child, when my whole family would be sitting in the car and my Dad would yell inside that they were leaving whether I was in the car or not.  They did pull away once, although it was well after I had graduated from college, so I could certainly fend for my self if I hadn’t caught the van as it reached the end of the driveway.

I’ve tried all sorts of things:

  • setting my clock a few minutes faster
  • shortening my morning routine
  • doubling (tripling, quadrupling) the time I think it will take me to get somewhere/get something done

to no avail.  When I do happen to get out of the house on time or early, THERE IS ALWAYS A WRECK ON THE HIGHWAY.  Only when I am going to work, but still.  At least then I’m only the usual amount late, not extra late because of traffic.

So this month I am going to be on time to work.  My goal is for 3 or more days each week, and I already count Tuesdays out because I have a “morning commitment.”  So that only gives me one day a week of wiggle room, which is a good start.  I don’t believe in “cold turkey” anyway.

This will take some work.

First, I will need to go to bed on time every night.  I’m an old lady, I go to bed at 10PM.  If I don’t I am grump(ier than usual, which is already pretty grumpy) in the morning.  If I am grumpy in the morning, I stand in the shower and growl at the water instead of taking a shower.  I don’t like showering.  It’s both my first and second least favorite parts of the morning.  Getting wet is my first-least-favorite part, getting out of the shower is my second-least-favorite part.  Both are my least favorites because they are COLD.  And I do not like to be cold.

Second, I will need to make coffee BEFORE I dry my hair and do my make-up.  If I wait until after, I will most likely run out of time and not make coffee, but decide that I should stop and get coffee before I get to work, which actually saves me no time at all.  And it costs money.  Not much, but still more than making coffee at home.

Third, I must remember that I don’t have extra time in the morning.  Those dishes that I think I can put away right-this-second before-I-run-out-the-door?  I can’t.  It will make me late, and besides, Nate will put them away when he gets home, right?  I want to check my email?  It can wait until work.  Should I touch-up my toenail polish?  NO, I should go to work, no one sees my toes anyway.

So, off to work I go.  On time.

They say that if you can do something seven times in a row, it becomes a habit.  I hope that by the end of the month, being on-time to work (and then everywhere else) will have become a habit.

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