Monday comes so quickly

I didn’t get a single thing off my ever-growing to-do list accomplished this weekend.  I had high hopes of making curtains for our house, writing blog posts (ahem), and unpacking a box or two.  Instead I spent most of Saturday actively procrastinating, then hurried around on Sunday to get laundry and shopping done before (or perhaps during) the Super Bowl.  

But that didn’t stop this from being a highly productive Monday!  After some hard work last week, I got my tardiness down from 9 minutes last Monday to 2 minutes on Friday.  And this morning, not only was I only 3 minutes late for work, I also managed to pack my lunch (which I had made Sunday night, but hadn’t packed up yet) and throw (literally) dinner in the crock pot.  Success!  Then, when I got home, I went for a run!  What?  Who does that?  

Now, the running part will probably not become part of my daily routine for a while (it’s not on the resolution docket until April).  But I’m glad that with a little extra effort, I am chipping away at my tardiness.  

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