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Dear Icy Hot

Dear Icy Hot,

I know we used to be friends, but I have to admit that these past several years have been so pleasant without you.  The fact that I didn’t have to go out and purchase you is only because Nate had some left over – and the Icy Hot that I’m presently using may be several years old!

Oh how we used to have such fun!  Amber and I would spread you on our foreheads when we got bored at cross country meets – as eighth-graders, that seemed a good idea.  I spent many a weekend smelling of menthol, but I had to admit, you were good at what you did.  “Icy to dull the pain, Hot to relax it away.”  Sometimes I think it was more the novelty that the actual effect that lead me to smear you everywhere.  The secondary scent of a runner in season – the first, of course, being sweat.

But now, now, dear Icy Hot, you just make me feel like an old woman.  Massaging you into my lower back as I waddle about my house – I am unhappy about this.  What I am more unhappy about, really, is that, even after washing, my jeans bear that signature scent.  No more the mark of an athlete, but the mark of an injury.

I know that if I am to continue this running thing, when I’m no longer hobbling, of course, I will have to acknowledge that you are probably back in my life for the long haul.  You’re part of that group of things that I avoided while not running – the calloused toes, the foot cramps, shin splints, the nail polish that won’t stay on.  I can’t say that I’m entirely sad, I just forgot.  I see romanticized pictures of women running, and I think, “Oh! That looks easy!”  Not “Gee, I bet her toes look gross” or “I wonder what sports bra SHE wears to keep THEM under control.”

But I guess I’m committed.  For the time being any way.  Well, when I can run again, anyway.

I’m glad you were in my closet when I needed you.  And for now, you’ll sit on my dresser, within reach at all times.  Just in case.




Our house from the street, when the tree is blooming

Today I walked to the library and the hardware store.  It was chilly, but it wasn’t windy and there are no hills if you wind through the neighborhoods.  On Friday Nate and I walked to the Italian restaurant down the street.  Which was good, considering it was a really nice place, and we drank a whole bottle of wine.  Something that’s much more difficult if you have to drive home.   We probably won’t be walking there too much, as it’s quite expensive, although absolutely delicious.  There’s an Italian restaurant up the street too, that we might frequent more often, despite its much more college-student friendly prices.

There’s a park across the street, a deli, a drive-thru, and a bowling alley within a block or two, and, if I’m really ambitious, I could probably walk to the mall.

I love living in a community that’s walkable.  We’ve only lived here a few months, but even in the short time that we were looking at buying this house, I noticed how much was within walking distance, and I started plotting.  Between walking and riding my bike, I can easily get to almost everything I need.  Not want, but need.  Except, of course, my job.  Which is the only thing from keeping me from getting rid of my car entirely.

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Back for now

We’ll see how it goes.  My computer is fixed (yay!) and I got new batteries for my camera, so I’m back in business.  Now to find the time to write…

Turned out my computer wasn’t really broken at all.  My battery was expanding, which was pressing on the trackpad causing it to not work.  This happened before, and they gave me a new battery, but I had to pay this time.  I wasn’t in the mood to throw a fit and point out that last time this happened, you told me it was a flaw in the battery, and this time it’s somehow my fault?  I was just glad it was an easy fix and I could take my computer home with me, in full working order.

Why my computer wasn't working

The past month probably hasn’t really been that busy, I’ve just been running around like a crazy person trying to get a handle on it.  I’m sincerely hoping that now that Nate is really, actually finished with school, we will get this “being grown-ups” thing figured out and start to have some calm and perhaps a logical pattern to our life.  We went grocery shopping for the first time in about 2 months this past weekend, and have been eating actual meals. It’s amazing.

I’ve taken another test – one I think I might actually have passed! – run a few miles, read some books, failed miserably at flossing, spent time with our families, done some home projects.  So many things.  We’ll see where the next few months take us!