Our house from the street, when the tree is blooming

Today I walked to the library and the hardware store.  It was chilly, but it wasn’t windy and there are no hills if you wind through the neighborhoods.  On Friday Nate and I walked to the Italian restaurant down the street.  Which was good, considering it was a really nice place, and we drank a whole bottle of wine.  Something that’s much more difficult if you have to drive home.   We probably won’t be walking there too much, as it’s quite expensive, although absolutely delicious.  There’s an Italian restaurant up the street too, that we might frequent more often, despite its much more college-student friendly prices.

There’s a park across the street, a deli, a drive-thru, and a bowling alley within a block or two, and, if I’m really ambitious, I could probably walk to the mall.

I love living in a community that’s walkable.  We’ve only lived here a few months, but even in the short time that we were looking at buying this house, I noticed how much was within walking distance, and I started plotting.  Between walking and riding my bike, I can easily get to almost everything I need.  Not want, but need.  Except, of course, my job.  Which is the only thing from keeping me from getting rid of my car entirely.

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