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The Pavement and I

A few weeks ago, I wrote a love letter to Icy Hot, a by-product of the running injury I mentioned a few times.  The only way I can explain the presence of said injury is I apparently overextended myself.  Which led to a sacral ligament strain.  Which, in my experience, was basically my butt saying “I have done enough, Saretta, and I will no longer bear the burden of pushing your legs around.”

Luckily, my Mom is a Chiropractor and knows how to put me back together.  So off I went, several times a week at first, as Mom encouraged my muscles to hold my body together.  I waddled around like an old lady for quite a while, slowly building back up, running slowly and sparingly.

Until I went to visit my family and my Dad asked “How many miles do you have on your shoes?”

Uh, not very many, Dad, I don’t run like you and my sisters, remember?

But that got me thinking.  Maybe I did need new shoes!  And, most amazingly, Nate thought that was a fine idea, and off we went to DSW to buy new running shoes.

Running Shoes

New Running Shoes

Mine are green.  A step out from my typical blue and silver, but nothing too wild.

This story isn’t really about my injury – which I’ve mostly recovered from – or my new shoes.  It’s about how the pavement and I became good friends.  Because, you see, running has conspired against me.  And during a totally typical, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary, route-I-run-all-the-time run, I tripped over a non-existent bump in the concrete and hit the pavement.  Right in front of a super nice guy, who was walking down the sidewalk, singing and tossing a soccer ball.

I have to say, I fell spectacularly.  I did a nice roll, and even managed to keep ahold of the house key I run with in my right hand.  I somehow remembered what my Mom drilled into my memory as a kid – stay loose, fall like Raggedy Ann.  Luckily I was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, because my shoulder hit pretty hard but I escaped with only scratches and bruises there.

My knees, however, were not so lucky.

Cleaning Up

In the bathtub cleaning up. Click the picture to see my poor knees 😦 Warning – it’s kind of gross

All Patched Up

All Patched Up – and oh, I look soo tired

I’ve mostly recovered from this accident, too.  I even wore a skirt without tights to work a few days ago, and no one noticed my knees, even though everyone at work knew about my fall.

One day I’ll get back to running, and I hope more of my running stories will be about great times and fun races instead of injuries.

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