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My true adversity to adventure

I love to talk about adventure, to dream about all the things I will do one day.  I have a huge list of places I want to go and things I want to see.  It’s right next to the list of furniture I will buy for my home one day, and the book of cute outfits I’ll wear to my fantastic architecture job.  I plan, research, make lists.  Sometimes I even convince my husband that he should, absolutely, apply for that job that just happened to be posted that he has wanted for so long.

“What if I get it?” he asked.

“Then we’ll go,” I replied, just like that.  Like it was no big deal.  Like I always planned moves across the country on free weekends.  Which was kind of true.

Then he got the call back, the interview, the offer.  “It will work out!” I said confidently.  And we started making plans.

I’ve always been a dreamer and a planner.  And then a doer, because I tend to get myself way too far in to get out.  Which is kind of the point.

Like the time we went to a friend’s cabin and found a rope swing out onto the river.  It was a scary-looking thing, with rickety 2x4s nailed not-very-securely to the trunk of a tree, and a little path through the trees that this rope swing was supposed to swing through.  When you got to the water, you had to let go.  If you held on, you would be smashed right into a tower of rocks at the edge of the water.

Ladder to the Rope Swing

Ladder to the Rope Swing

I wasn’t scared when I was giving others crap for not wanting to do it.  “Are you going to?” they asked.  “Of course,” I answered.  And I was.  Until it was my turn, and then I was terrified.  And really didn’t want to.  But I knew it was going to be fine, and even though I was scared, I did it anyway.


Flying through the Air

And it was fine.  And fun.  And it hurt when I hit the water.

There are so many other stories like that.  Most that no one would ever even expect.  And moving to Arizona was just like it.  I was 100% gung-ho on-board until 2 weeks before we left for our house-hunting trip.  I couldn’t wait to quit my job and move across the country chasing our dreams.  I researched Tucson, I googled everything I could think of, I started looking at houses.  Until I realized, umm, yeah, we were going to get on that plane and ACTUALLY move across the country.

I knew it would be fine, just like I had been telling Nate every time he seemed concerned or unsure.  “We’ll be fine.” “We’ll figure it out!”  “It will be an adventure!  I love adventures!”

I don’t know if you can call it bravery – purposly getting yourself in too deep so you can’t back out before you lose your nerve.  But it’s worked for me before, and I’m sure it will work again.  We’re here now, and yes, it’s fine.

Explaining Design

John Hodgman (the PC) explains the essential nature of good design in 6 minutes with humor.

I love TED talks.

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One of the conditions of moving here (probably the only one, provided the job paid well enough for us to live on) was that we could get smart phones when we got here and that I could get an iPhone.  Nate got out of getting an iPhone through the myriad of rules from the cell phone carrier.  He didn’t think he wanted one anyway, but conceded that it would be easier to coordinate our lives on compatible devices.  He wasn’t too upset when it didn’t work out, and “settled” for a Droid.  Every time he gets a text, it says “Droid” very menacingly, which he says is to remind me that his phone is better than mine.  It’s amusing.

One of the (many) benefits of having an iPhone is that the camera on this phone is great!  It is probably better than the point-and-shoot that I have, but I love my camera, so I won’t go that far.  It’s nice to have a convenient camera that takes good photos when you’re exploring a new area!

Not that I’ve been doing much exploring.  We got here last Sunday but didn’t get our cars until Friday.  I’ve spent most of my time in our sparsely-furnished one-bedroom apartment.  Here are some of the things that have kept me sane – or so.

Mountains are visible from almost everywhere in Tucson

The one indulgence I snuck into my suitcase without Nate knowing. And, oh, they have made me happy 🙂

I, the proud owner of about 87,923,432 water bottles, did not bring a single water bottle with me to the desert. Nate insisted we purchase some. I am almost never separated from mine.

Bota Box and fresh fruit – Yum! Maybe I’ll attempt sangria one of these hot and lazy afternoons!

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Our New View

I write this at our new folding table, peering out the balcony windows through a tree that I don’t know how to identify to the blue cool of the swimming pool.  In the morning, the birds coo and cluck.  At night, the sprinklers knock against the stucco walls.  The palm trees sway as the oppressive sun heats the curved clay tiles that line the roof of all the apartment buildings in our new complex.

Yes, I wrote that correctly, our new apartment complex.  Although, I’m waiting for the realtors to come pick me up.  It turns out that once you’ve lived in your own house, it’s hard to go back to apartment living – even if the house was only lived in for 6 months, and the apartment will be lived in for far less.

We’re in Arizona.  Tucson, to be exact.  Chasing Nate’s dreams, because that’s what we do.  Chasing Nate’s dreams to the desert, a dry bowl surrounded on all sides by mountains.  It’s beautiful if you can look beyond the dry, dead grasses, endless lanes of road, and towering utility poles.  To the mountains that turn pink as the sun sets; to the trees – palm, olive, citrus, pomegranate; to the blue, blue, blue sky.

Maybe this is why I started this blog all those months ago – to catalogue a journey I didn’t know I would be going on.  Six months ago I would have said that journey was owning our first home.  Turns out God had bigger plans for us.

So here we go!  Again.  Another new chapter of the never-boring adventure that we call life.

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