Our New View

I write this at our new folding table, peering out the balcony windows through a tree that I don’t know how to identify to the blue cool of the swimming pool.  In the morning, the birds coo and cluck.  At night, the sprinklers knock against the stucco walls.  The palm trees sway as the oppressive sun heats the curved clay tiles that line the roof of all the apartment buildings in our new complex.

Yes, I wrote that correctly, our new apartment complex.  Although, I’m waiting for the realtors to come pick me up.  It turns out that once you’ve lived in your own house, it’s hard to go back to apartment living – even if the house was only lived in for 6 months, and the apartment will be lived in for far less.

We’re in Arizona.  Tucson, to be exact.  Chasing Nate’s dreams, because that’s what we do.  Chasing Nate’s dreams to the desert, a dry bowl surrounded on all sides by mountains.  It’s beautiful if you can look beyond the dry, dead grasses, endless lanes of road, and towering utility poles.  To the mountains that turn pink as the sun sets; to the trees – palm, olive, citrus, pomegranate; to the blue, blue, blue sky.

Maybe this is why I started this blog all those months ago – to catalogue a journey I didn’t know I would be going on.  Six months ago I would have said that journey was owning our first home.  Turns out God had bigger plans for us.

So here we go!  Again.  Another new chapter of the never-boring adventure that we call life.

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2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Jo says:

    WOW! Tucson!!

    Fingers crossed!

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