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Friday Finds: House 8810

Oh my goodness!  A Friday Find that I actually found (from Pinterest, of course) and liked and wanted to share!  I genuinely like all my Friday Finds, but I think this one is cooler than the rest.

House 8810 is a web store from which you can buy all sorts of vintage inspired and quirky finds.  From kids toys to table cloths to iPhone covers, House 8810 is full of fun and interesting items.  I was lead to it when I saw this Personal Library Kit on Pinterest.

As an avid reader, the granddaughter of a librarian, and one who likes to hold on to her books, it seems like such a great idea!  I also love cataloguing and categorizing, so anything to help me do that is always a hit!  Plus, it’s just so cute!  So, I clicked through to the site and started looking around.

And OH BOY! did I find SO MUCH fun stuff!  Enough fun stuff that I made Nate come over and look through the site with me.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I really enjoy a fun dish towel.  I know, it makes me sound so cool.  But House 8810 had some really cute ones.  I immediately pinned one about coffee, of course, but I think my favorite one is this one:

It’s appropriate on so many levels.  1) I cook with a lot of onions. 2) The make my eyes tear SO MUCH.  I have tried every trick the internet has offered, as well as a few I learned while volunteering in the kitchen at the summer camp I went to.  None of them work.  I just try to hold out for as long as possible, then let the tears roll.  And I usually go grabbing for the dish towel at some point.  Wouldn’t this be a good one to grab? 3) I cry a lot, onions or not.

OK seriously, how funny is this lunch box?

I would love to carry it on a picnic in a park, spread out my picnic blanket, and open it up.  I think it would be quite amusing!

They also have a bunch of fun kids toys.  This is one I remember doing as a kid:

I think hand-held video games and phone games make stuff like this not quite as much fun, but I certainly had fun with them!

House 8810 has a ton of other fun stuff: so many cute note cards, adorable aprons, witty stamps and note pads.  It’s a fun site and I enjoyed perusing it!

I haven’t purchased anything from House 8810.  It’s currently hard to purchase anything since we don’t have any of our stuff and therefore don’t have anywhere to put new stuff.  But I really like the website and many of the items.  Perhaps I’ll keep House 8810 in mind for the future!

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Snapshots: Apartment Edition

Pool Chair View

The View from my Pool chair

The Pool

The Pool


The Foyer


The Living Room. Also know as Where Nate Hangs Out

View from the Balcony

Our view from the front balcony.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room – This is where I hang out.

the Kitchen

The Kitchen – with the window into the living room.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom, the portion with a door.

The Vanity

The Vanity

The Bedroom

The Bedroom, with the back balcony that I insisted on but never use.

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My misplaced identity

We’ve been here over a month now.  I’m finally getting used to Tucson.  It still looks like a wasteland when you drive around – huge wide streets, gravel, dead grass that grew last monsoon season and was never removed when it returned to desert condition.  The mountains are beautiful, but they’re often foggy and distant.

I’m getting used to doing nothing.  Nate actually asked me what I did all day today.  It’s not that hard, you guys.  I live in a one bedroom apartment with very little actual furniture.  We have so little “stuff” that cleaning is a joke.  The only thing that actually takes any time is doing dishes.  We have a dishwasher, but too few dishes to make use of it efficiently.  I basically do nothing all day.

It’s been difficult to admit that I do nothing.  The last time I had this little to do I was probably 12 years old.  Even then, my Mom kept us pretty busy during the summer, and imagination and free play is way more acceptable when you’re 12 than when you’re 26.  I went from being employed full time straight out of college to being unemployed.  I spend my days inside my dark, empty, tiny, one bedroom apartment.  I have a list of really tedious things that need to be done, lots of making phone calls that never get returned.

For the first few days we were here, I would get up, shower, put on my brand new shorts (I never needed shorts before!  I was always working in the air conditioning and I had a few sun dresses for the weekends, or gym shorts, or I’d just wear my jeans), do my hair and my makeup.

Now I  try to wake up at a reasonable time (the sun comes up REALLY early here, its usually pretty light out when Nate gets up at 5:30) putter around for a while.  I’ve started going to the gym.  It’s kind of far away, so by the time I get there, work out, and drive back, its usually been at least 2 and a half hours.  Sometimes I dry off for a while, slather on my sunscreen, and go lay by the pool.  For one hour.  Mandatory.  30 minutes on my belly, thirty minutes on my back.  Try not to get the library book soaked.  Sometimes I just hang out inside.

I read a lot.  The library is my new best friend.  I got twelve books out of the library and I’ve finished six.  Only one book was from my reading list of classics.  I try to have dinner ready every night when Nate gets home from work.

Writing about all this, I hardly feel sorry for myself.  It all sounds like a grand vacation.  But a vacation with no end in sight.  And I’m not a sit-still person.

By the time Nate gets home from work, I’m crabby.  I’m crabby and he’s jealous that I’ve been sitting around all day, and we have nothing to do but sit and crab at each other.  At first, we would go out and buy something just to get out of the house.  It was awful.

That lasted for about a week.  Then we gave in and bought an X-Box and a little TV.  As much as I complained about video games before, I never would have guessed that they probably saved our marriage.  We got one with a Kinect, so sometimes we play funny little games together.  But usually Nate plays with his friends online while I continue puttering – reading or writing or finding one of the many other ways I have to entertain myself.  I have to say, there was no such thing as “bored” in my parents’ house.  “Bored” was not allowed then, so it makes it very difficult for me to be bored now.  And that has really come in handy.

We’re going back to Ohio for a wedding this weekend.  I really can’t believe it’s been so long since we moved!  I’m super excited to sleep in my own bed, with my own pillows that fit the shape of my head perfectly.  And then all of our stuff will be packed up and stored in an undisclosed location (seriously, they won’t store it in Tucson because it’s too hot) until we figure out what we’re doing with our living situation.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll give a tour of our apartment.  Ha!  It probably won’t be very exciting, but at least it will give me something to do!

It’s kind of funny, after some of my previous posts about being overwhelmed and over extended that I am now with almost nothing to do.  It has been nice to regroup and take some time to reevaluate what I really want to be doing and what is important to me.  But I think I will have to get a job soon or I might go crazy.

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In just over a month, I will have been at this crazy blogging project for a whole year.  And Nate and I will have been married for two!  And what a crazy year it has been.  I’ll leave the recap for the actual birthday.

I finally told Facebook that I had quit my job and moved to Tucson.  I should probably tell LinkedIn at some point, too, so that maybe I can start connecting with people in this area.  I rarely use Facebook anymore, so it didn’t seem that important to me, but I figured I should update it anyway.  So, while I was at it, I made a few blog changes.  I’ve been meaning to make changes for a while but never got around to it.  After a full month of living in Tucson with no job, I’ve caught up on almost all of the miscellaneous business-y things that come with moving, and I’m able to tackle some projects for me.  Which is why I’ve (sort of) been writing more, something which I plan to continue doing.  Yay!

I’ve also updated the pages – the blogs I read and the social media sites where you can find me.  I can’t promise to be witty or entertaining, but you read my blog so you know that!

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Mission “Find Fireworks” : Success

Nate had Wednesday off last week – a mid-week holiday we certainly didn’t complain about.  It was the first real “monsoon” day that we have experienced (yes, that’s a whole season here) so it rained on and off most of the day.  We lounged around, went to the gym,  and swam in the pool between showers.  I botched dinner by not reading the directions beforehand (#1: Brine chicken overnight – fail).  ALWAYS READ THE DIRECTIONS.  We had ravioli.  So very patriotic.  We wore our red, white, and blue.

Then, about the time we thought we should go to bed, we got into the car and went downtown to watch the fireworks.  It was a good end to a holiday, and a fun way to be out around people!


Hooray! Pants!

While the rest of the country was baking, it was only 75 here in Tucson.  The best part about this picture?  Not my new white sandals, although I’m pretty happy about them (side note: I only had to step on one cactus spike before I decided that the foam flip-flops from Old Navy were not going to cut it.  Solid soles for me.).  Also not the super awesome fake tile in our kitchen.  No, the best part is that after almost NEVER wearing shorts, especially outside the house, I have been in shorts since the day I got here.  I LOVE my jeans, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to wear them!  I was super excited.  And it turned out to be a good thing, too.  Because in Tucson, there is very little grass.  So instead of a nice grassy hill to sit on to watch the fireworks, we sat on gravel.

Not Grass

Not Grass

Mmmmmm comfy.  Even with jeans on I had gravel imprinted in my backside by the time the fireworks were over.



It was a fun adventure and I’m glad we ventured out of our apartment to partake in a community event!


A very large cactus

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Friday Finds Returns: POP Phone

I’ll be honest.  I have no idea if I will get back to posting consistently enough to have daily themes.  BUT!  I have a new toy that I love and that I’d love to share.  So Friday Finds shall return for the week.

Since I grew up before cell phones were quite the ubiquitous thing they are today, I spent my middle school (and high school, and some of college) years with my ear stuck to a handset, attached to a phone, attached to the wall.  I got quite good at pinching the handset between my ear and my shoulder so I could use both hands while talking on the phone.  And, while there are many, many more and greater freedoms granted by the little cell phones we carry around in our pockets, easy squishing-between-shoulder-and-ear is not one of them.  It creates a very odd crick in the neck.  Or requires one of those stick-in-your-ear headsets that never really fit in anyone’s ear.

Long before I dreamed of actually owning an iPhone, I learned (from FAB or Swiss-Miss, I can’t remember which) that there were such wonderfully designed things as the POP Phone.  Handsets that replicate the look and feel of old telephones with the convenience (although not quite the portability unless you have a large purse…which I do) of your cell phone.  Amazing.

So when I finally got an iPhone, I got one.  Because iPhones are REALLY not good for squishing between your ear and your shoulder.


The POP Phone has arrived! I got mine from Nordstrom.


It’s purple to match my phone cover, natch.

In Use

Nate thinks it’s hilarious, I think it’s wonderful!

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We Finally Got Out of the House

It took all the way until Sunday night, but we finally did it.

Both this past weekend and the one before it, Nate and I have made plans to go on an adventure on the weekend.  True to form, we went through all the Tucson tourism magazines we have accumulated in the past month and made a list of all the things we want to do and see.  Then we picked one out each weekend and promptly did NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS.  Bah.  One day.

But Nate was off on Friday, so after three days straight of sitting around and looking at each other, we decided we’d better do something.  We have an Entertainment Book, which is seriously the best thing ever (thanks Kelly!) so we flipped through, found a coupon for put-put golf, and off we went.

Once the sun went down, of course.  It’s hot.


Sunset behind the palms


The Game Castle and Bumper Boats! We will have to try that some other day.


Hot Date 🙂


Mountains in the background – always.


Apparently a Holland-themed course. This windmill is right next to a little old-fashion streetscape with Dutch-front houses.


The rest of the course.


Ready to go!


What stunning form


The elephant-shaped plant (that Nate is trying to hide behind)

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Today we go in search of fireworks.  Tomorrow I promise a blog post 🙂


Happy Independence Day