We Finally Got Out of the House

It took all the way until Sunday night, but we finally did it.

Both this past weekend and the one before it, Nate and I have made plans to go on an adventure on the weekend.  True to form, we went through all the Tucson tourism magazines we have accumulated in the past month and made a list of all the things we want to do and see.  Then we picked one out each weekend and promptly did NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS.  Bah.  One day.

But Nate was off on Friday, so after three days straight of sitting around and looking at each other, we decided we’d better do something.  We have an Entertainment Book, which is seriously the best thing ever (thanks Kelly!) so we flipped through, found a coupon for put-put golf, and off we went.

Once the sun went down, of course.  It’s hot.


Sunset behind the palms


The Game Castle and Bumper Boats! We will have to try that some other day.


Hot Date 🙂


Mountains in the background – always.


Apparently a Holland-themed course. This windmill is right next to a little old-fashion streetscape with Dutch-front houses.


The rest of the course.


Ready to go!


What stunning form


The elephant-shaped plant (that Nate is trying to hide behind)

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