Oh, September, Why So Soon?

The summer has positively flown by – and I’ve done surprisingly little for all the time that has passed.  I have several posts that I started but never finished and I’d like to post them even thought the events have long passed, and several posts that I’d like to write reflecting on the past few months before we enter yet another stage of our crazy lives.

We rented a bigger apartment closer to the center of Tucson and we scheduled to get our stuff back.  It’s been a truly eye-opening experience, and I foresee a significant amount of purging once our boxes arrive.  We don’t need all the stuff that we have, plus we will have to move it again soon – we only signed a 6 month lease and we haven’t fired our realtors.  We’ll hope our house sell before the holidays, try to manage said holidays without too much stress, and start again in the new year.

Until then, the to-do list grows.  Nate wonders what I do all day, and I can never really put it into words.  This weekend we made a list and it was even longer than I expected.  I think it’s about time to end my summer vacation, though, and get back to work.  That will take some time and energy on its own, but it’s time.  And then I’ll have to balance a whole new set of challenges.  Or old challenges that I’ve not missed.

But!  Enough of my grumbling.  My tall decaf iced Americano is gone (because Starbucks doesn’t have iced decaf coffee – really, Starbucks, really?) and I have a trillion things to do.  Onward to tomorrow!

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