In 12 Days We Get Our Towels Back!

Our good bath towels originally made it into the suitcase to come with us, but got cut because they took up half a suitcase which was just too much space when you only have two suitcases to take everything you think you are going to need for an indefinite period of time.  It was a difficult decision, but probably the right one.  Nevertheless, I miss fluffy towels.  We each have one bath towel, and it is small and wimpy, and leads to a lot of not-being-very-dry.  We originally also had only one dish cloth, one dish towel, and one hand towel.  Extras of those were either purchased when we got here or were prioritized for the first trip back to Cincy, because it’s almost impossible to use only one dish cloth and not do laundry every day.  Which I don’t.  Laundry is a whole different pain, but I’m not going to get into that.  But they are cheap, and bath towels are expensive, and I really want all my towels back.  Which will happen in 12 days!  Of all the things I thought I’d be super excited about in my life, I’m pretty sure towels were not one of them.

12 Days

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