In 11 Days We Get Our Table and Chairs Back!

Not only is this very exciting because eating dinner on the floor is only exciting for so long, but I am convinced that my lack of getting much of anything done is due to not having a place to work.  The floor is not very good for organizing your thoughts and getting work done.  I figured this out several weeks ago, and started to take over the table in the living room, which has basically become Nate’s workspace.  While I’m sitting there I’m fairly good at accomplishing things.  But it’s not my space, and in order to work it usually requires that I move Nate’s computer out of the way.  There isn’t really anywhere to put it, so I stick it on the back of the table and basically it’s a very cramped environment.  And if Nate’s home, this table also holds the TV and both gaming consoles.  It’s a pretty busy place!  But I need a quiet place to work, so it’s not very productive.  Which led to me going to coffee shops a lot, which is fine, minus the limited time I have there (they are cold and I don’t like to leave all my stuff out if (when, because I usually just drank a ton of coffee) I need to go to the bathroom.

Does this look like a good work environment? I think not.

But soon I will have a table to work at, more comfortable chairs to sit on, and all of this near a WINDOW!  in a DINING ROOM!  Positives all around – for dinner and for working.  I’m so excited.  I am also excited to get my living room furniture back, but if I had to choose between a couch or a table and chairs, the table and chairs wins.  Obvi, because that’s what we bought when we got here and have been living with.

11 Days

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