In 9 Days I Get My Hair Dryer Back!

After I cut off all my hair, the blow-dry-and-go style was not working for me because the hair on the right side of my head DOES NOT like to lay nicely.  It flips out unless viciously corralled and beaten into submission.  So I went on the search for a styling implement that was going to make doing my hair as easy as possible.  Because if it wasn’t easy, I wasn’t going to take the time to do it.  I tried the round brush and blow dryer, but I’m not that coordinated and I never did anything but get the brush stuck in my hair or take 5 times the amount of time I should to do my hair.

I finally found the product that I hoped would save my hair-drying experience, and I’m happy to report that it works splendidly.

I don’t even know what this thing is called.

It dries all my hair quite quickly while imparting the proper amount of volume and convincing my stubborn hair that it wants to curve into my face on all sides!

Except for the (many) days when I couldn’t care less if my hair flips in or out and all I want to do is dry the roots so my hair isn’t one flat mess all day.  Or when my hair gets a little too long and the multi-use tool takes way too long to dry it all and I really just need the ends curled.  Or when it’s 1594309854325 degrees out and I don’t want that thing blowing in my face while I perfectly dry and style my hair in one simple step.  And for these times, I want my regular old trusty hair dryer, the one I bought when I had 12 pounds of hair that all had to be dried in the 30 minutes between when I woke up in the morning and when I left for work.

Somehow I thought the new styler tool was the only hair-styling tool I would need, and if I’m being honest (and not grouchy about my not-so-bad situation) it probably was the best choice for the time.  But I wish I’d thrown my regular hair dryer in the suitcase too.  The handy new-fangled toys are cool lots of times, but sometimes plain-old is the best way to go.

9 Days


2 thoughts on “9 Days

  1. Erin says:

    I totally had one of these back in junior high when I tried to make my hair look like this:
    It was great at drying/curling late 90s bangs 🙂

    • Saretta says:

      So I’m 15 years late to the party? I though I’d found something new and exciting! Shows how much I knew about hair products and style in general in jr. high. At least it has redeemed itself and shown to be useful for things other than 90’s bangs!

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