In 7 Days We Get Our Pots & Pans Back!

I would even settle for just a small portion of our pots and pans back – maybe one small pot and another lid or two.  Right now we have only one lid (OK, so we only have one pot and one pan also) so I can’t make two things that need a lid at once.  Or I have to watch my food spatter all over the stove, which is usually what happens.  Fortunately, if you clean it up right away, it’s not too hard to get it off the stove, even if its pretty burnt!  I’ve learned so many little cleaning tricks from this one.  If I ruin my one baking sheet (which I have, several times) I have to figure out how to clean it off.  My newest and best trick?  Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide left in a paste for as long as I can manage (I think I found this one on Pinterest. Also, I refuse to pin cleaning tips and workout plans. FYI).

Yes, I routinely burn stuff to the bottom of my only pot

It’s hard to make a meal with one pot, one pan, one baking sheet, and one baking dish.  It’s taken some creative planning, as well as some creative dinner eating.  Not only do we eat on the floor, but sometimes we eat in shifts!  Although I have become pretty good at planning either one-pot meals (jambalaya is Nate’s current favorite) or meals that only require as many cooking vessels as we own.

I am looking forward to not having to think about that when planning dinner.  Want to make two things that require pots?  No problem!  Look!  I have two pots!  Fantastic.

7 Days

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