Coffee #15: A new approach

Of the many things I believed I could go without for these months without our stuff, I believed that I could go without my coffee maker.  For a while, I was quite successful.  There is coffee in the community room of our apartment complex (if you get there early enough) and I often used getting coffee as an excuse to leave the house.  The final straw, however, is that I have been becoming less and less able to consume massive amounts of caffeine like I used to!  I don’t know how this happened!  In college I could drink gallons of coffee and never have a problem.  Now, I have one cup too close to bed time (like, noon) and I’m up until 3 am.  It might have to do with how much more well rested I am now than I was while pulling all-nighters in college.  Perhaps.

So the apartment coffee was out – they brew only full strength, which I don’t blame them for.  But an inability to handle caffeine has not squelched my need for coffee.  At. All.  And since we’re trying this new thing called “living on a budget,” I was getting tired of how much money I was spending on fancy-coffee-drinks-without-caffeine at fancy-coffee-places.  Harumph.  Plus, they don’t have free refills, and I refuse to get anything besides “tall” or “small” (which, somehow, are the same size…) and sometimes I still need a gallon of decaf.  Necessary.

I have been talking about trying a French Press coffee maker for some time.  They look fun!  And classy!  And, since I already own a perfectly good coffee maker, I didn’t want to buy another just like it.  So I decided to try out the French Press.  Which, of course, also included buying a coffee grinder (it requires course ground coffee, as if I know what that looks like, but you can’t just buy it off the shelf), and coffee beans.

Supplies Purchased: Success

Grinding my coffee beans – mmmm they smell good!

Does that look “course ground” to you?



Sludge at the bottom of the pot

The Final Product

Verdict: the coffee was super weak.  I’ve since upped the amount of coffee beans I grind, and I’ve gotten better at grinding them.  If you look at the sludge picture, you can see that many of the coffee beans are still whole, thus not contributing to great coffee.  But I like the French Press as much as I hoped I would! (How often does that happen?!)  It makes good coffee, it’s super easy to use, and I can forget about it without worrying about catching my house on fire.  Because, let’s be honest, we all worry about that when we leave the coffee pot/curling iron/straightener on.

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2 thoughts on “Coffee #15: A new approach

  1. aura.van.beek says:

    i was having a problem where my espresso always tasted bitter! coarse grind seems like the solution so i will try that this weekend. great blog btw! 🙂

    • Saretta says:

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you found me! I hope you find the solution to your bitter espresso – I love espresso and would be so upset if I couldn’t get it to taste right! It’s probably why I don’t make it myself (yet).

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