In 6 Days We Get Our Bikes Back!

Tucson is a biking community.  There are bike lanes on almost every major road AND PEOPLE USE THEM.  ON BIKES.  Craziness.  And, since in 6 days we are also moving closer to the center of Tucson, biking will become a viable option for transportation!  I’m super excited about this.  I will finally be able to bike to the grocery store and the gym and maybe even to work (what?!).  This is also the item that Nate requested when I asked him what he missed most.  We have always wanted to bike more, but it wasn’t exactly feasible in our previous situations.  In our house it would have been fine, and I’m sure we would have gone on many bike rides over the summer (I hope they would have been more successful than the one we did attempt), but we only lived there in the winter.  Before that, our bikes were kept in the crazy jigsaw puzzle of our guest room/storage room and it was quite a task to get them out and then down the stairs.  We did take them out quite often, but it was no fun.

In our new place, we will have an enclosed patio where we will probably store them (chained and covered, it may be enclosed but we’re not that trusting yet) and I hope we will ride them often.  Plus, the weathermen say that Monsoon season is basically over, so I don’t expect it to rain for, like, 6 months.  Maybe more.  And, as the temperature goes down (slightly), the weather will become perfect for bike rides.

6 Days

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