In 5 Days We Get Our Spices Back!

This one kills me.  I now have time to cook and explore new recipes (Nate is THRILLED, I assure you) and not only does every new recipe require some crazy kitchen gadget that, even if I do own, I did not bring with me, they all require different spices.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love spices.  In fact, I have a huge collection of spices!  We got a huge spice rack as a wedding gift, and that only accounts for about 1/4 of the spices that we have.  I’ll take a picture for you when we get them unpacked so you can see.  But, except for the salt and pepper mills, spices were not prioritized for the trip here.  So, as I’ve been trying new recipes (because, of course, I don’t HAVE any of my usual recipes) I’ve been making tradeoffs between which spices I’m going to purchase even though I already own them and which I will go without.

My saddest purchase was dried oregano.  You have no idea how much dried oregano I already own.  It’s one of the spices my Dad grows in his garden, and one that Erin and I grew on our deck.  Plus, the spice rack came with some, and I had a (very large) tin of it from some prior recipe.  Alas, I use it all the time so I bought more.  If you ever need oregano, let me know.  I have plenty.

But, seriously, I don’t know how people cook without spices.  I can totally understand why kids don’t like their (bland boiled canned) vegetables.  I wouldn’t either.  But cook it up with some garlic and butter, or sprinkle a little chile powder on it, it’s a whole new species!

5 Days

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