In 4 Days We Get Our Vacuum Back!

I am incredibly excited for this, because our living space has become pretty gross.  We also don’t have a broom, so our kitchen and bathroom floors are only cleaned by sponge and soap.  I was almost to the point of asking one of the women from our church group if I could borrow her vacuum, but then we decided to move and get our stuff back, so I’m just holding out on this one.  Also nice: we will get the vacuum back before we have to turn in our keys to our current apartment, so I can give it a proper cleaning before we vacate.  My Dad always taught me to leave places cleaner than I found them!

We are not incredibly dirty people.  We mostly walk on sidewalks so we don’t track a ton of dirt in.  Nate works indoors and I don’t often leave the house, but grime accumulates anyway.  Plus, I shed hair like crazy.

It’s kind of funny that I’m so excited for the vacuum.  Our house had entirely hard floors, so for the whole time we lived there I didn’t vacuum once.  I thought maybe it was one appliance I wouldn’t really need anymore, but I’m glad I didn’t get rid of it!  Our new apartment is almost entirely carpeted, and who knows what our eventual house will be!

4 Days

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