In 3 Days We Get Our Microwave and Toaster Oven Back!

I call this a necessity because we have become so dependent on these appliances in our day to day life.  The funniest part about not having a microwave was that in the welcome basket that the apartment complex left for us when we moved in, there was a bag of microwave popcorn!  It is still un-popped in our cabinet, because the apartment did not come with a microwave.  But it’s one of those things that we just assume everyone has.  I also bought some oatmeal that has very specific directions in ALL CAPS that you must ONLY USE THE MICROWAVE for this product.  No cooking it with hot water or on the stove.  I cook it on the stove.  It works just fine.

We’ve been heating up leftovers in a pan with some water in it and a lid.  It takes about a thousand times longer than the microwave, but it’s worth it when that’s your only option!  We make toast in the oven under the broiler.  This mostly results in burnt toast, but we have gotten better at judging how long it takes.  We make popcorn by my favorite oil-in-a-pot method.  I prefer it, but it also takes longer.  I think we could do without the microwave and toaster – we’ve become pretty good at returning to the old-time methods of cooking, you know, on the stove and in the oven – but they will be nice to have back!

3 Days

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One thought on “3 Days

  1. aura.van.beek says:

    i would never be able to live without my microwave!

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