In 2 Days We Get Our Couch Back!

I was having trouble  thinking of what I missed SO MUCH today. I’ve covered pretty much everything that I continually said “man, I wish I had my…” about. I thought maybe I would make a list of the little things I’ve been missing (the spatula every time I make a smoothie and can’t get the last bits off the sides, my fun jewelry last night when my shirt alone was pretty boring and we were going to dinner, etc). Plus, I already said that I would prefer our dining table and chairs back over the couch! But then I looked over at Nate curled up between two metal folding chairs – one to sit on, one for his feet – and decided that yes, the couch was very important. When we watched the olympics, we dragged the bed out to lay on, or made a pillow pile on the floor. When Nate’s playing video games or watching football, he sits on the folding chairs. When I read or really do anything, I sit on the floor, my back against the wall. The olympics was fun, and if we were to watch a movie or something, we probably would bring out the pillows again. But the other two set-ups are just uncomfortable after a while. So I’m ready for the couch back, if only so we can sit next to each other sometimes without being on the floor.

2 Days


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