Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow, You’re Only A Day Away

In 1 Day We Get Our BED Back!

I left the best for last, obviously.  I have an unusual relationship with my bed.  I love it very much.  It pretty much got me through college, and I often get a huge grin on my face right before I take a flying leap and jump into it, fluffy down comforter and all.  It’s one of my favorite things.

Being without it hasn’t been as hard as you’d think.  I’ve had a lot of odd sleeping arrangements over the years, so an air-mattress wasn’t too daunting. Plus, we’ve slept on an air mattress tons of times, and, while not the most comfortable things ever, it was usually more than sufficient.

So we got here, purchased the nicest air mattress we could find (double high with flocked top for comfort), and went to sleep. Sort of. I don’t know what exactly it was (I actually blame the SUPER LOUD air conditioner more than the mattress), but I didn’t sleep for a week. Plus, Nate is a snorer usually, and the (apparently extra firm) pillows we bought were making it way worse. After many very cranky days and right before we decided to pack up our two suitcases and fly back to our house, we went back to Target and made two more essential purchases: a softer pillow that did not encourage Nate’s snoring and a foam mattress topper with all these crazy patterns in it that’s supposed to make sleeping more comfortable.

Made Bed

And all was well and right in the world, and I was sleeping again, UNTIL the fateful day when we woke up ON THE FLOOR. So sad. Our air mattress had sprung a leak, which is a bad thing in general, and extra bad when it is the only soft surface in your home and you are getting tired of sitting on the floor. Being the thrifty people we are, we decided to find the hole and patch it. I wish I had taken pictures of Nate in the bathroom trying to stuff the double height queen air mattress in the tub. It doesn’t fit.

Finding the Leak

I did, however, take a picture of the afternoon I spent making a slip-n-slide in my living room while trying to find the leak. No luck, but it was fun! Hard to explain to Nate why the carpet was all wet when he got home from work, though.

We thought we patched the hole, woke up on the floor again, and repeated this for several days, until we finally ditched the mattress completely and slept on the foam topper on the floor until we could accurately find and patch the hole. Which we did for a week. ON THE FLOOR.

Foam Topper Bed

Patching the Leak

Nate patching the leak. It never actually held, but we were persistent and kept patching it!

We finally gave up after about a week an a half of this nonsense. But this time we even knew we were moving and getting our stuff back, but a few more weeks was too long to sleep on the floor. We purchased a new air mattress and are back to mostly-normal sleeping arrangements. I’m really looking forward to having our real bed back, though!

Lamp in the Corner

Our realtors lent us this lamp and side table – it’s made such a difference making our bedroom more homey (and, you know, light when it’s dark out)

1 Day

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