It’s Moving Day!

Never have I been more excited for a moving day than this. And moving days were always pretty exciting things in my childhood, and I usually didn’t actually have to carry much, so the miserable part was not present. Which might be why I’m excited for this moving day – I don’t actually have to move anything! And all my stuff is coming back. HOORAY!

So you can find me SITTING ON A COUCH (!) directing traffic and trying to figure out how our whole house full of items is going to fit in our new apartment. (Washer and dryer in the living room? Desk in the dining room? Will all the boxes from the basement fit in the spare bedroom?) I keep trying to remember that it all came out of a two bedroom apartment less than a year ago, so it must fit. We didn’t purchase very much after we moved into the house, except the washer and dryer and some yard care items. We didn’t take our lawn mower with us, as there are no lawns here, so we don’t have to figure out where that goes. Part of my head tells me that it will fit just fine, and the other part is not believing it. We’ll have to see how it works out! After all the build up about the things I’m excited to get back, I wonder which ones I will appreciate the most once they are here!

Moving Day!


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