Coffee #20

Coffee #20 on November 20th. HeheHehe.

New Coffee Again

No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils.

~Henry Ward Beecher

via: Spilling the Beans

Guess what!? I got ANOTHER coffee maker. One might think that I have a problem (and maybe I do…) but there is some rational. In college, Erin and I shared a big, red coffee maker, out of which we drank many of the cups of coffee that got us through school. But, it was Erin’s coffee maker, and when we moved out, she took it. I had a small coffee maker that my in-laws had given me for my desk at work (where there was NO COFFEE MAKER! Have you heard of such a thing? An office without coffee?) which I used until I smashed it on the counter. Eventually, I got a new coffee maker, and I was unimpressed from the start. Mr. Coffee made coffee that smelled funky and tasted worse. I thought it was just new-coffee-pot-funk, but it never went away.

We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning out and getting rid of things we don’t need/want/like very much, and Mr. Coffee made it into that last category. Tired of making terrible coffee, and with a bunch of coffee left over that was already ground, so no good for the French press, I caved.

There are three important benefits to this coffee maker.

  1. There is no carafe for me to shatter. The coffee is held inside and is released by a (very spill-proof) button, directly into your cup. As someone who has problems both keeping glass carafes in one piece and in getting coffee from the pot into the cup, this is an huge advancement.
  2. It has a make-ahead timer. So I can have it ready when I wake up.
  3. It makes good coffee. It took a few times for the new-appliance smell to wear off, but the coffee has always been good.

I hope this will be the last coffee maker I have to purchase for several years.

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