Who I Am

I am the Architect (full disclosure: I am an Architectural Intern, I do not have my license yet, and this blog might be a way of procrastinating and not studying for my exams).  My Husband is the Engineer.  During our pre-marital counseling, my Husband and I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test.  Our results – you guessed it – were complete opposites.  Which leads to many interesting interactions and activities on a daily basis, moments fraught with frustration, and the glimmers of complete understanding.  But it is never boring.

We recently moved to Tucson, AZ.  We are both really excited about this new adventure, and I’m sure it will lead to adventures and stories worth sharing.  On top of the daily craziness that is life, I now get to document a job search in a down economy (for me), finding new friends and a new support community, and exploring a totally different culture and climate.

This blog is written mostly from my viewpoint, and it is not really about our relationship, at least not at this time.  But more about the things I find interesting, the thoughts I want to share, and perhaps the things we do together that we both enjoy.

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