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My sister-in-law sent me the link to this movie trailer a few days ago and I found it pretty interesting, especially in relation to my previous musings on de-branding (a project I’m still working on, but that has been derailed by moving twice now).

I probably won’t be watching it, since I’m basically allergic to thrillers.  But my favorite part of the trailer was how many corporate logos I recognized – how powerful that brand imaging is, so that you can recognize a brand by color, font, or shape even without the words being presented to you.

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Friday Finds: House 8810

Oh my goodness!  A Friday Find that I actually found (from Pinterest, of course) and liked and wanted to share!  I genuinely like all my Friday Finds, but I think this one is cooler than the rest.

House 8810 is a web store from which you can buy all sorts of vintage inspired and quirky finds.  From kids toys to table cloths to iPhone covers, House 8810 is full of fun and interesting items.  I was lead to it when I saw this Personal Library Kit on Pinterest.

As an avid reader, the granddaughter of a librarian, and one who likes to hold on to her books, it seems like such a great idea!  I also love cataloguing and categorizing, so anything to help me do that is always a hit!  Plus, it’s just so cute!  So, I clicked through to the site and started looking around.

And OH BOY! did I find SO MUCH fun stuff!  Enough fun stuff that I made Nate come over and look through the site with me.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I really enjoy a fun dish towel.  I know, it makes me sound so cool.  But House 8810 had some really cute ones.  I immediately pinned one about coffee, of course, but I think my favorite one is this one:

It’s appropriate on so many levels.  1) I cook with a lot of onions. 2) The make my eyes tear SO MUCH.  I have tried every trick the internet has offered, as well as a few I learned while volunteering in the kitchen at the summer camp I went to.  None of them work.  I just try to hold out for as long as possible, then let the tears roll.  And I usually go grabbing for the dish towel at some point.  Wouldn’t this be a good one to grab? 3) I cry a lot, onions or not.

OK seriously, how funny is this lunch box?

I would love to carry it on a picnic in a park, spread out my picnic blanket, and open it up.  I think it would be quite amusing!

They also have a bunch of fun kids toys.  This is one I remember doing as a kid:

I think hand-held video games and phone games make stuff like this not quite as much fun, but I certainly had fun with them!

House 8810 has a ton of other fun stuff: so many cute note cards, adorable aprons, witty stamps and note pads.  It’s a fun site and I enjoyed perusing it!

I haven’t purchased anything from House 8810.  It’s currently hard to purchase anything since we don’t have any of our stuff and therefore don’t have anywhere to put new stuff.  But I really like the website and many of the items.  Perhaps I’ll keep House 8810 in mind for the future!

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Friday Finds Returns: POP Phone

I’ll be honest.  I have no idea if I will get back to posting consistently enough to have daily themes.  BUT!  I have a new toy that I love and that I’d love to share.  So Friday Finds shall return for the week.

Since I grew up before cell phones were quite the ubiquitous thing they are today, I spent my middle school (and high school, and some of college) years with my ear stuck to a handset, attached to a phone, attached to the wall.  I got quite good at pinching the handset between my ear and my shoulder so I could use both hands while talking on the phone.  And, while there are many, many more and greater freedoms granted by the little cell phones we carry around in our pockets, easy squishing-between-shoulder-and-ear is not one of them.  It creates a very odd crick in the neck.  Or requires one of those stick-in-your-ear headsets that never really fit in anyone’s ear.

Long before I dreamed of actually owning an iPhone, I learned (from FAB or Swiss-Miss, I can’t remember which) that there were such wonderfully designed things as the POP Phone.  Handsets that replicate the look and feel of old telephones with the convenience (although not quite the portability unless you have a large purse…which I do) of your cell phone.  Amazing.

So when I finally got an iPhone, I got one.  Because iPhones are REALLY not good for squishing between your ear and your shoulder.


The POP Phone has arrived! I got mine from Nordstrom.


It’s purple to match my phone cover, natch.

In Use

Nate thinks it’s hilarious, I think it’s wonderful!

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Explaining Design

John Hodgman (the PC) explains the essential nature of good design in 6 minutes with humor.

I love TED talks.

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Friday Finds: My Mom knows me too well


This was my birthday gift from my family. It encompasses some of my favorite things: shoes, shopping and coffee! Lovely!

Funny part was, I was just pointing this mug out to Nate this past weekend as we were having lunch at the College Hill Coffee Company after church on Sunday. Good thing I controlled my purchasing impulses and didn’t buy it!

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Friday Finds: TurningArt

Let’s Get Some Shoes, Louboutin by Theresa Bramblett

What my home needs is some TurningArt.  This company, which is like Netflix (in it’s old form, and I did not coin that term, by the way) for art, is great for those of us who like art but can not a) decide which we like best and b) afford a lot of real art made by artists making a living wage.  So, tada!  TurningArt.

It’s a subscription service that provides you a continuous stream of new prints!  First you choose a frame size (they have two) and they send you a frame that the prints will rotate through.  Then you browse their collection of artwork.  They have something for everyone, and you can browse many ways, such as style, color, medium, and price.  When you have developed a queue of fabulous art works, TurningArt will start sending you a print of one at a time to put in your frame.  When the next one comes, just put the old one in the package the new one came in and send it back!

Every dollar you spend on your subscription turns into credits toward buying the actual art work.  So if you fall in love with a piece, you have the option to purchase it in its original form.  Unfortunately the artists don’t get paid until their work actually sells.  I don’t know how I feel about that; I think that if their work is gracing our walls for a fee, they should get some of it.  But I’m not sure if TurningArt is even making a profit yet, so maybe that will come later.

Anyway, even if you’re not interested in a subscription to TurningArt, you should go browse their collection – it’s entertaining if nothing else!


Friday Finds: The things money can’t buy you

Some weeks I don’t buy anything.

BAHAHAHAHAHA.  When that actually happens, I will definitely post about it.  In fact, I will make it a goal to not buy anything (taxable) for a whole week.

Really what happened is that I got SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF this week that I can’t decide what to write about!  I’ve been so excited with the packages that have been arriving that I got all overwhelmed and so I’m blogging about a roll of toilet paper.


A roll of toilet paper.


THIS is not your typical roll of toilet paper.  This is the emergency roll of single ply tissue (gifted to us by my Grandma, I’m sure – she makes the best care packages, I’m not kidding) that Erin and I kept in our bathroom through college.  When we were moving out and we had managed to never run out of toilet paper, we signed it!  And I took it with me and promised to never run out of toilet paper in my own home.  Uhhh, we’ll see about that, but I certainly won’t be using this roll as back-up!



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Friday Finds: Moleskine Notebooks


On Wednesday I told you about how I’m terrified of sketching.  I’m sad to report I did not, in fact, sketch yesterday like I said I would.  I also didn’t doodle, although I believe that is what I will probably do in the future.  However, today I will take a moment to introduce you to the four, yes four, Moleskine notebooks that I carry around with me on a daily basis.  No wonder I need such a big purse!

These notebooks (as they tell you right on the little pamphlet they put in the back pocket for you!) are the “legendary notebook(s) used by European artists and thinkers for the past two centuries.”  They run the analog portion of my life (Google runs the digital portion) and I love having them handy to capture whatever I need them to.

The black one on the bottom is my planner, which I had to search high and low to find in just the format I wanted (horizontal weekly planner, large hardcover).  It holds everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries, plus what I need to do by tomorrow…which makes it pretty important.  I could see not needing it if I had, say, an iPhone, but since I don’t, I rely heavily on this planner.  Plus, the elastic that holds all Moleskine notebooks closed makes my life a lot easier.

The red one is my blog book.  I tend to write posts when I get a second, and I very rarely get a second when I also have internet access.  Having a place to physically write things down as I think of them and as I need to process them has been really helpful too.  I never liked the idea of a journal, so I figure if I call it my blog book, I might trick myself into thinking it’s something else and actually write in it.  It’s been working.

The next one is my big sketchbook.  This is the sketchbook that carried me through my thesis, although it only has one drawing that can even kind of be called a sketch.  I mostly write in my sketchbook.  It has since transitioned to my life-after-school sketchbook, and now holds ideas, plans, and schemes for work and other organizations that I belong to.

The little black sketchbook on top is the one I referenced on Wednesday.  I bought it two or three years ago to sketch in.  Not for school or for work, but just to take down observations and thoughts in drawing form.  So far it only has one slash on the first page, but I’m working up the confidence to put more in it.  Maybe this weekend.  However, you will never see any of it.  Because, although I may blab my life all over the internet by way of a public blog, you’ve seen all the doodles from me you’re going to.

Love.  Enjoy your weekend.  I’ll try to restrain myself from posting and focus on those tests I’m supposed to be taking.

Friday Finds: Friends and Farmer’s Markets


Actually, I’m out of the office today anyway, so that made Wednesday like my Friday and this Friday is like a Saturday in a long series of Saturdays.

Getting to the point…


Uhhh, OK, now that we got that out of the way.  Last weekend, in between the free concerts, I spent my mornings at two farmer’s markets around town.  With Erin.  It was great.  Bright mornings, hot coffee, sundresses and fresh veggies.  Oh, and amazing pesto care of the Cub Scouts.

On Saturday morning, Erin and I visited the little Mt. Lookout farmer’s market, and bought SO MANY VEGGIES we were pretty sure we wouldn’t need to go shopping for a month.  Until we ate them all that afternoon. Mmmmmm.

Farmer's Market GoodiesWe spent Saturday afternoon in Erin’s apartment working on her wedding stuff.  Or mostly watching movies.  We sat on the couch working on our laptops – exactly how we spent a large amount of our college years together!

Our Apples

Then Sunday we decided to go to the the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market – which, it turns out, is more like a farmer’s market PARTY! With bread & milk & veggies & flowers & coffee & soaps & live music…wonderful!

Farmer's MarketWe followed our morning out with an afternoon spent working from a coffee shop (kind of like I’m doing today!).  It’s amazing how much more work I get done when I’m working in a place that makes me happy.  I would totally like to work from out of the office a couple days a week.  I would be way more productive.

So now I have even more veggies (which Nate is ecstatic about, by the way) and I’m pushing pretty hard to get the 3-tier hanging basket I bought ages ago finally put up. Yay!

This weekend I’m not going to make it to either farmer’s market. So I’m going to have to hunt down another one during the week.  There are a lot around, so I should be able to find one!  I love summer and its fresh veggies!

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