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It’s Monday Again

I had great plans of dedicating a large chunk of time this weekend to blogging.  Turns out that’s not quite what happened.  So, instead of something witty and fun that I made up all by myself, I give you DYAC.  It’s still better than no post at all, which has been the norm for the past week and a half.

There are 10 of them, so make sure you go to DYAC to check them out.  10 Funniest Parent Texts from 2011.

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This Monday requires multiple happies.

Oh what a weekend it was. A bridal shower, a funeral, a 5k, 4 kids under 4, way too many Moms in the house, and tempers a little bit touchy.

Therefore, I am providing myself with many ways to get through the day (including the 5 gallon jug of coffee I plan to take to the office).

First, DYAC celebrated it’s 1st anniversary this weekend!  Which it celebrated by posting it’s top 50 autocorrects in a 2 part series.  Numbers 50-26 were funny enough, but 25-1 had me laughing my signature DYAC laugh, where Nate gets up from whatever he’s doing to make sure I’m breathing.  It’s not a normal laugh.

Also, Siri gave out the best advice ever.

I want a Siri, if only so she can tell me that.

OK, also because its really cool.

Finally, on our drive home, we passed this fancy little car:

If you can’t tell, its a Smart car with a wind-up hooked on the back – how cute is that!

That’s all for now – unless I find something else while I’m “hard at work.”

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