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New Things in Spring

New ClotheslineI just came inside from taking the clean sheets off the clothesline. They smell so good I can’t wait until it’s their turn in the rotation and they go back on my bed. There’s something about line-dried linens that even the sweetest-smelling “fresh air” scent can’t compete with.

It’s my first clothesline since I strung up rope across my balcony in college – a make-shift option that was so cumbersome I only used it half the time. This time I strung rope between the posts of the rickety ramada in our back yard. It’s a temporary solution, but it’s so freeing to see your laundry flapping in the wind, drying in the desert shade.

College Clothesline

This is probably going to turn into a home renovation blog. Sometimes unexpected things happen, right? And when something takes up so much of your life, it’s hard to look beyond it. We moved into a new house over Easter weekend. Thankfully we didn’t have any plans, because we ended up spending Easter afternoon cleaning our apartment so we could turn our keys in on April 1st. I drove to work in the morning completely exhausted, thinking that this must be a small glimpse into early parenthood, and knowing that I could catch up on sleep in the coming weeks. I was totally worthless at work, and ended up leaving early only to keep working at home to get our life back in order.

New House

Despite our 8 months of looking and our month and a half of negotiating/waiting for closing, we never really thought we were going to get the house. So on moving day, when our amazing help asked where to put the first boxes, I was stumped. I had no plan – none, whatsoever. I didn’t have a plan of what the spaces would look like when we’re finished, I had no idea where the furniture was going to go, I couldn’t tell you what colors I would paint the walls.

Slowly Making it Ours

Slowly Making it Ours

We’re slowly working through the messes. The house isn’t in as good condition as we expected, although we did know we were getting a bit of a project property. I think I haven’t thought about aesthetics because we have bigger things to worry about. We’ve spent the past two weeks working on the house and on unpacking and organizing non-stop and, while it’s been tiring, it’s been great fun. We work really well together until we get tired, and then we stop and enjoy the beautiful spring Arizona weather and our new back patio and rest for a while. Soon I hope we’ll have a porch swing to rest on, on the front porch of our lovely neighborhood, where we can meet our neighbors and start to feel at home in what we hope will be our house for a very, very long time.

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New Year, New House

U-Hauling all our things to the new house

A few days before Christmas, Nate and I, with the help of so many hardworking friends and family, moved everything from our apartment to our new house.  If you had asked me three months ago, I would have told you that no, thank you, I would not be buying a house in the near future.  With interest rates predicted to be low for the next few years, many fine houses on the market at low prices, and uncertainty about what we would be doing, we were in no hurry.

Then, after a short series of unfortunate events and a mini-freak-out from Nate about what he wanted to do with his life, we decided to rent a house near our apartment, stay for a few years, and reevaluate.

Packing up the apartment

Thus began the rental house search.

It’s not an easy task, you see, to find a house that is nice enough that you want to live in it but ugly enough that you can afford it.  After several “NO” houses, I took Nate to drive by a house that I though looked promising.  It turned out to be quite far from our dream house, but on the way there, we passed a house with a gigantic “for sale” sign and noticed a little, tiny “for rent” sign next to it.

So we called the number and I went to see it the next evening.  Nate was in class, so I went by myself.  I liked the house.  It was remodeled, clean, and the landlords were super nice.  Because the house was also listed for sale, I showed Nate photos online that evening.  He first asked me why I hadn’t just signed the papers while I was there, then asked, wait, why are we not looking at buying this house?

Well, dear, because we just had this huge discussion about what we wanted to do and where we wanted to be and why we couldn’t buy right now and how we could manage oh whatever should we do.  And we came to a conclusion and we’re following that path WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE BUYING A HOUSE.

We bought the house.

Possessions: Transported

And really it’s turning out to be a great decision.  Of course, there will always be projects and headaches and upkeep, but it’s OURS!

After the After-Party

And it’s cute, of course.

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