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Happy Halloween!

I’m not huge on halloween, but it is fun to watch the dressed up kiddos around the neighborhood!

To cap off this extra-happies Monday, I encourage those of you who enjoy political comedy (no one is safe…) to check out the podcast of the Halloween Radio Broadcast from the Capitol Steps.  Happy Halloween!

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This Monday requires multiple happies.

Oh what a weekend it was. A bridal shower, a funeral, a 5k, 4 kids under 4, way too many Moms in the house, and tempers a little bit touchy.

Therefore, I am providing myself with many ways to get through the day (including the 5 gallon jug of coffee I plan to take to the office).

First, DYAC celebrated it’s 1st anniversary this weekend!  Which it celebrated by posting it’s top 50 autocorrects in a 2 part series.  Numbers 50-26 were funny enough, but 25-1 had me laughing my signature DYAC laugh, where Nate gets up from whatever he’s doing to make sure I’m breathing.  It’s not a normal laugh.

Also, Siri gave out the best advice ever.

I want a Siri, if only so she can tell me that.

OK, also because its really cool.

Finally, on our drive home, we passed this fancy little car:

If you can’t tell, its a Smart car with a wind-up hooked on the back – how cute is that!

That’s all for now – unless I find something else while I’m “hard at work.”

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My new favorite time wasting strategy

Oh thank you Apple for all the wonders you create. They always find a way to get you to think the NEWEST iPhone is way better than the last one!

via: swissmiss.

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For your regularly scheduled Monday fun

As if Apple didn’t provide enough amusement with the joys of autocorrect, we now have Siri to thank for many ridiculous suggestions and remarks! Woot! I cannot wait!

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What brain pickings have to do with heads in freezers.

Remember how on Thursday I was telling you about how Brain Pickings is always teaching me something new?

Turns out it’s not always the most useful information in the world, but suitable for a Monday.

Last Monday, Maria Popova wrote a fun post on playful activity books for grown-ups.  Book Number 3 is Everything That Can Happen in a Day by artist David Horvitz.

About four pages down, Mr Horvitz asks his readers to take “take a photograph of your head inside a freezer. Upload this photo to the internet.  Tag the file with 241543903. If you search for this tag, only photos of heads in freezers will appear.”

Alas it is so.


Happy Monday!

care of Dooce


Friday Finds: The things money can’t buy you

Some weeks I don’t buy anything.

BAHAHAHAHAHA.  When that actually happens, I will definitely post about it.  In fact, I will make it a goal to not buy anything (taxable) for a whole week.

Really what happened is that I got SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF this week that I can’t decide what to write about!  I’ve been so excited with the packages that have been arriving that I got all overwhelmed and so I’m blogging about a roll of toilet paper.


A roll of toilet paper.


THIS is not your typical roll of toilet paper.  This is the emergency roll of single ply tissue (gifted to us by my Grandma, I’m sure – she makes the best care packages, I’m not kidding) that Erin and I kept in our bathroom through college.  When we were moving out and we had managed to never run out of toilet paper, we signed it!  And I took it with me and promised to never run out of toilet paper in my own home.  Uhhh, we’ll see about that, but I certainly won’t be using this roll as back-up!



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PSD: Photoshop Disasters (some Joy for your Monday)

Photoshop DisastersHow did I not know about this earlier?  PSD: Photoshop Disasters is only slightly behind damnyouautocorrect.com in it’s ability to make me cry with laughter.  Some are funny, some are creepy and some just make you want to cry.

You should go visit both immediately.  Unless you are at work, then just go to PSD.  The other should be viewed privately to preserve your dignity.

PS: since I mentioned DYAC I had to go look at the latest, and have this gem for you.



To Erin and Emily,

May we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be ADVANCED together one day!

via: Girl’s Gone Child

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