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Arizona Desert Museum

The last Sunday adventure that we went on was to the Arizona Desert Museum. It’s pretty cool because the museum is somewhere between a hike through the desert and a zoo. There are many different desert animals there, along with displays of Arizona’s geological history and how deserts work, but you often feel like you are on a desert path with nothing around.

Desert Mountains

Desert Mountains on the drive to the museum

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs!

Nate Saguaro

Nate with a Saguaro – the things you take pictures of when you’re not “from” the desert

Saretta Saguaro

My turn with the cactus

dead cactus

What a saguaro looks like when it’s dead



Water Fountain

They have water fountains all over the museum. Can’t let that dehydration sneak up on you. We took our water bottles, but it was nice to be able to fill them up.

Red Dirt

Red dirt in the desert


He wanted to play!

My new favorite cactus

My new favorite cactus – too bad I forgot what it’s called already


In the hummingbird aviary

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