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Back in the Swing of Things

After two whirlwind weeks and one week of recovery, I’m back to feeling like I have a little control again!

On Tuesday the movers came. Unfortunately there was no directing from the couch for me. I wasn’t incredibly surprised, especially since I figured the furniture would be last. I had to check off each box that came in, so I couldn’t get anything unpacked while they were moving stuff in. On Wednesday, I spent the majority of the day cleaning our last apartment. On Thursday I unpacked like a crazy, but made a surprisingly small dent in the disaster. On Friday, bright and early, we hopped on a plane for Ohio! We spent the weekend there for a friends wedding, and returned late Monday night. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I unpacked, cleaned, worked on finding a job, etc. Friday Nate had off from work, so I was super excited about getting a large chunk of unpacking done over our three day weekend! Until I got sick. Boo hiss. So I was knocked out until about Tuesday. My two whirlwind weeks. The next few days I took off. It was nice.


When we moved into our (first) temporary apartment, they left us a little goody basket, complete with a welcome package of microwave popcorn. Unfortunately they didn’t also provide a microwave, so this popcorn has been waiting patiently for us to get one. Thankfully, this apartment has a microwave, so I popped it just a soon as I could and enjoyed the popcorn AND the convenience of a microwave.


This little guy was hiding behind the hamper in our bedroom. I about fell over when he started moving, but I caught him and placed him outside where he belongs. Our apartment was completely open almost all of moving day, so I’m surprised I’ve only found one intruder! (Umm, so far, I guess.)

Toe Nails Polished

Painted like Easter eggs in the fall. I was just excited to get my nail polishes back.

Hub Lamps

We took our first Ohio visitor (a friend who was in Tucson for work) to Hub, a trendy restaurant downtown. They have these awesome upside-down lamps as part of their decor.


Danger! I do stuff like this all the time (liquids on electronics – what can go wrong?) and it drives Nate NUTS! Understandably, of course. But I’ve fried exactly 0 electronics this way. I looked up while unpacking, saw what I had done, chuckled, took a picture, and then moved my mug. (Right? Right. We’ll go with that.)


I love when books take the time to describe the font used. It’s the design nerd in me. This one is from The Cloud Atlas, which I just finished reading.

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For the next 13 (eek! hooray!) days I’m going to share some of the things I have missed the most over the past three months.  Some of them are so basic you probably never thought about what it would be like if you didn’t have them.  So think about it for a second.  I’ve only been without them for three months!  And that has been long enough.  But humans are amazingly flexible and I know if I had to, I could do this indefinitely.  I’m just super glad I don’t have to.  Other things are totally frivolous!  But things I miss nonetheless.

SO: In 13 days I get my nail polish collection back!  As the seasons change, I get the itch to paint my nails season appropriate colors.  In this case, the heat has finally broken (THANK GOODNESS) and I can think again, so I really just want my bright colors back.  Whenever I go to the store, I always look longingly at the nail polish section, scoping out the hottest new color.  Plus, I’m bored with the 2 colors I brought with me.  Totally frivolous, yes, but also, I have a million colors!  I’m not going to buy more just because I want one RIGHT. NOW. HUFF.

If I WERE to buy a color, I want this one

Countdown! In 13 days I get my:

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