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You know you’re being inattentive when …

your tomatoes start sprouting baby tomato plants.
So I’ve been a little preoccupied and I’ve neglected many things. I would like to say it’s going to get better, but I’m probably not going to find extra time anytime soon, what with the holidays approaching and Nate and I deciding – kind of on a whim – to buy a house. Yeah, when (if?) we finally move in I’ll write all about that craziness. So if I’m spotty until about the middle of January, it’s because I can hardly find time to pick out which shoes to wear in the morning, much less have time to write.
Although I will say the constant stress and motion of home-buying and the holidays does not leave much time for feeling discombobulated and fed up with one’s life. So that’s been good.
I’ll try to update when I can and send pictures when I take a fun one, and hopefully I can get this blogging thing back on track in 2012!

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