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Goodnight iPad

Goodnight Moon is one of my favorite children’s books.  I don’t remember reading it a s a child, but I love reading it to my friend’s kids when I’m watching them.  It’s such a cute, simple bedtime story!

So when I saw Goodnight iPad, I was kind of traumatized!  What happened to the kittens and mittens, the brush and the mush???  Why did everyone in the new version (which hits scarily close to home) seem so angry?

Since I got my laptop my freshman year of college, I’ve joked that we are attached at the hip.  Yes, my laptop and I.  It was (is?) the first thing I checked when I got up in the morning and the last before I went to bed at night.  I rarely didn’t have it with me, and I even dragged it across Europe.  Now, I was very dependent on it for school and since DAAP didn’t actually let you take breaks or vacations, it was pretty necessary that my laptop and I were so close.

Laptop and Chocolate Bar

Laptops in Switzerland are useful for conveying the size of your chocolate bar to family at home.

Even after I graduated, I spent a good portion of my at-home time in front of my computer, emailing, reading blogs, the black hole of Facebook, etc.  Nate and I have a pretty nice TV, but we don’t use it all that much.  Nate plays (plenty of) video games on it, but except for football season we wouldn’t miss the cable and I can’t tell you the last time we watched a movie on it.  But without our computers, I’m pretty sure we’d both be lost.

Then, a few months ago, I acquired an old iPhone that was no longer phone-worthy.  So I now have an iPod touch which has totally changed how I use technology!  It’s convenient, I can take it anywhere, it entertains both me and kids (thanks to the handy kids apps I put on it!) and has me CONSTANTLY searching for a wireless signal.


All this to say that it’s TOO MUCH!  The silly little parody of Goodnight Moon has convinced me to reign in my technology use!  So, I’m turning off my screens at 9PM.  I’ve been trying for 3 days now, and I’ve only been marginally successful, but I’m trying.  This should be good for a lot of things.  Like my marriage.  And my sleep schedule.  Oh, and those tests I keep referring to.  It should also be good for my blog writing.  Believe it or not I write most of my posts in pen on paper.  In a notebook, the red one.  I like it better and it’s hard to get distracted by blinking lights when all you’re looking at is a sheet of lined paper. And I tend to spend more time reading other peoples’ blogs than writing my own when I’m on my computer, anyway.

So, we’ll see how this goes.  You’ll know if I hate it if it keeps coming up.

movie via Brain Pickings

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