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This Monday requires multiple happies.

Oh what a weekend it was. A bridal shower, a funeral, a 5k, 4 kids under 4, way too many Moms in the house, and tempers a little bit touchy.

Therefore, I am providing myself with many ways to get through the day (including the 5 gallon jug of coffee I plan to take to the office).

First, DYAC celebrated it’s 1st anniversary this weekend!  Which it celebrated by posting it’s top 50 autocorrects in a 2 part series.  Numbers 50-26 were funny enough, but 25-1 had me laughing my signature DYAC laugh, where Nate gets up from whatever he’s doing to make sure I’m breathing.  It’s not a normal laugh.

Also, Siri gave out the best advice ever.

I want a Siri, if only so she can tell me that.

OK, also because its really cool.

Finally, on our drive home, we passed this fancy little car:

If you can’t tell, its a Smart car with a wind-up hooked on the back – how cute is that!

That’s all for now – unless I find something else while I’m “hard at work.”

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My new favorite time wasting strategy

Oh thank you Apple for all the wonders you create. They always find a way to get you to think the NEWEST iPhone is way better than the last one!

via: swissmiss.

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For your regularly scheduled Monday fun

As if Apple didn’t provide enough amusement with the joys of autocorrect, we now have Siri to thank for many ridiculous suggestions and remarks! Woot! I cannot wait!

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