And Happiness Returns

You may remember the sad story of several weeks ago, when I, in true Saretta fashion, shattered my coffee pot.

Well, I am happy to announce that I have recently become the owner of a NEW COFFEE MAKER!

The New Coffee Maker

Welcome Home, Mr. Coffee!

So far, Mr. Coffee has produced several VERY unsatisfactory pots of coffee, which I am blaming on the newness of Mr. Coffee and on potentially bad coffee.  NOT my coffee making skills (which, if you ask SOME of my friends, leave something to be desired).  I had two other people try to make coffee, and it was still bad.

However, I bought some new coffee and it seems to be getting better.  Which is good.

ALSO.  There is one spectacular feature of this coffee maker that I would like to point out: the pot is stainless steel!  Hooray!  Future crises averted!


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